Quality of Life Family Stigma and Impact of Stigma among the Siblings of Individuals with Intellectual Disability

  • Chandra Bala Medical Social Worker, Dept. of Psychiatry, GMCH, Chandigarh
  • B S Chavan Professor & Head, Dept. of Psychiatry, GMCH, Chandigarh
  • Shikha Tyagi Assistant ProfessorProfessor (PSW), Dept. of Psychiatry, GMCH, Chandigarh
  • Kamlesh Kumar Sahu Associate Professor(PSW), Department of Psychiatry, Government Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh, India


Background: The persons with a disability might experience the strongest effect both in physical limitation and social stigma. However, the impact of disability is also experienced by those who live with him including parents, grandparents and siblings. The research has shown that parents of a child with the intellectual disability (ID) experience impact of disability on social, personal and economic areas. Objective: To ascertain the quality of life, stigma and impact of stigma among siblings of children with intellectual disability. Sample: The study sampled 45 normal siblings of individuals with intellectual disability studying in a special school (equally from mild, moderate and severe) with either sex between 14-18 years of age after taking informed consent of their legal representative. Design: A cross-sectional institutional based study with purposive sampling technique was done. Tool: WHO quality of life-brief scale, family stigma scale, stigma impact scale was used to assess QoL, family stigma and stigma impact respectively. Results: In the present study siblings with intellectual disability have a better quality of life low level of stigma experience and obvious minimal impact of stigma on their life. The level of severity of siblings’ disability has no influence on the study variables. In socio-demographic correlations education, religion, family types, domicile has a significant level of correlations with some of the study variables. Conclusion: The present study gave siblings’ perspective on stigma which showed deviation from parents’ reports.

Keywords: Intellectual disability, siblings, stigma, quality of life

Apr 30, 2018
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BALA, Chandra et al. Quality of Life Family Stigma and Impact of Stigma among the Siblings of Individuals with Intellectual Disability. Journal of Disability Management and Rehabilitation, [S.l.], p. 31-39, apr. 2018. ISSN 2454-6437. Available at: <http://jdmronline.org/index.php/jdmr/article/view/43>. Date accessed: 18 apr. 2019. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.29120/JDMR.3.2.2018.31-39.
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